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New LOGAN TV Spot Shows More X-23 Claws

New LOGAN TV Spot Shows More X-23 Claws

Logan has had some of the best trailers of the past few months, as the second trailer that came out about a week ago, was probably the best one of the year so far. Since Logan is soon to release in March, with that long list of amazing movies coming out

The Best Movies Coming In March 2017

The Best Movies Coming In March 2017

March is my birthday month, so I couldn't help but to notice that there is a copious amount of amazing movies coming in March. We were just blessed with the new Kong: Skull Island trailer, so after seeing that I decided to make a list of all the best movies coming in March. See

Logan Trailer: Will Wolverine And Professor X Die?

Logan Trailer

So by now any and every movie fan has seen the the awesome new Logan trailer. The trailer has probably left you with many questions, as in will this be the death of wolverine? Will X-23 be in other movies? Will Professor X die as well? Since this will probably be the most different

Patrick Stewart Confirmed for Wolverine 3

Patrick Stewart the actor who portrays Professor X in the X-Men movies, has been confirmed for the R-rated Wolverine 3 ( not the official title ) which has just recently started filming. Patrick Stewart is part of the original X-Men movies which often have separate actors for the more recent X-Men

Boyd Holbrook to Star as Villain in Wolverine 3

As we know from several reports Wolverine 3 ( reportedly being named Juarez ) is supposed to be Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie ever. The film is also reportedly supposed to aim for an R rating and release date of March 3rd, 2017. According to, the star of 'Narcos' Boyd Holbrook