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Our shipping varies between international and domestic, and can be found as follows below:

C4F Shop (Domestic)

All of our domestically shipped items are found with a Add To Cart button, as these items are shipped directly from our store.

Where We Ship: 

Our shipping is limited to the United States and Canada, but we plan to extend to other outer regions in the near future.

Shipping Time:

All orders are expected to arrive within 10-22 business days, with FREE Shipping always attached.
If for some reason an order does not arrive, you will be fully refunded or sent another item with compensation included (it will be your choice).
Please contact us at if you are ever worried about your item arriving on time, or if there are any other concerns that you may have.

Tracking Number:

As soon as your order is completed and your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email, with a tracking number attached.

C4F Partner Products (International) 

*These are the majority of our current products, as they are marked with a Buy Here button*

Where They Ship:

Most of our affiliate or partner products in the C4F Shop, ship to multiple countries, all around the world.
While this shipping is not usually free, it is usually within a reasonable or average price range, with an above average shipping time of only a few business days.
You can find all of the most detailed and well-trusted information on your products shipping when you click the Buy Here button (as it will re-direct to the products information page).


Since we have partnered with the most trusted merchants of movie attire and products, you will be sure to receive either a well-updated tracking number or set of emails that confirm where your purchase is, in every step of the way from delivery.


You can read more about our Partnered and In-Store products Here.