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The Crazy For Film shop is all about supplying movie fans with “the best of the best” in Posters, Collectables, Movies (DVD & Blu-ray) and more.
Since this is the case, we do our best to make sure fans have a multitude of options to choose from, as our items range from our “in-house” and “out of house” partner products.
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C4F Shop

The Crazy For Film shop consists of our own in-store products, that we completely supply on our own end.

These items are all marked as Add To Cart, and can mostly be found in the Poster sections of our store.

See the Shipping & Return Policy on these items.

C4F Partner Products

Since we want to be the hub of all the best products a movie fan could want, we have made sure to partner with the most official and well-trusted movie stores around.

You can find all of these products listed as Buy Here (as each product listed will refer back to the original site it came from).

Since we partner with many of the top online shops, the return policy and shipping will vary for each product.

While this is the case, we can assure you that each product that is marked as Buy Here, is from a very well-trusted and official merchant who has built up the trust of millions of customers over several years.

*Since we pride our store on supplying fans with the gear they want, we take extra precautions to make sure all of our merchants are supplying fans in an honest and satisfying fashion.
If in the un-expected case that something is ever not honest or completely satisfying from one of our merchants, please email us at , so we can make sure to not work with any merchant who isn’t satisfying our customers in the way we would expect*

At the end of the day, Crazy For Film is all about just that. Being Crazy for the things we love in movies, and providing fans with the fandom and discussion that makes their day.

If we are ever not doing our job in providing exactly that, please be comfortable to email us at the provided address above.

And most importantly have fun, enjoy your purchases, gifts and overall shopping experience.