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The New Alien: Covenant Trailer Looks A lot Like ALIENS

The New Alien: Covenant Trailer Looks A lot Like ALIENS

Alien: Covenant is set to release this summer, and it’s new action packed trailer is full of a not so peaceful paradise.

In the Alien timeline, Alien: Covenant takes place sometime after Prometheusas the new trailer is pretty entertaining and full of the action that reminds so many of the perfect Alien sequel, Aliens.

While this movie does not look like it is going to bring back the special military unit that was so brutalized in the Aliens movie, this new trailer does look like it will bring fans what they have missed the most in the Alien series, as Prometheus lacked the massive contact of the Xenomorphs.

Watch the Green-band Alien: Covenant Trailer and prepare for what is going to be one deadly theater flick:

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A lot of people are complaining about the Xenomorph’s new CGI’s look, but I don’t know what they expected in 2017.

The new Xenomorphs not only have a cool new look, but they will be able to do a whole lot more now that they are not people in actual costumes.

While practical affects are cool, I don’t see how any CGI’ing of the new Aliens, is going to be any issue for the regular viewer.


Where the hell is James Franco? He was seen in the new clip, as he was shown as the main captain who went down with an early “illness”, but from the looks of it, neither captain is going to be featured in this film much at all.

You can check out the exclusive Alien: Covenant clip featuring James Franco, below:

I wonder what the exclusion of James Franco from the trailers means, as it would seem odd for them to have such a big face actor be so expendable so quickly (but then again, it is Alien).

Either way, it looks like Alien: Covenant will continue it’s ways in making one to two people survive the brutal Xenomorph’s, as it is likely going to be, one of the two main actresses who makes it to the very end (if any do at all).

P.S. I wonder if Michael Fassbender’s Android character can be trusted this time, since most androids have proven to have secret (and menacing) motives.

Alien: Covenant comes out on May 19th, so stay tuned for the red-band trailer that is expected to arrive soon.

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