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Why Haley Bennett Would Be A Great Catwoman

Why Haley Bennett Would Be A Great Catwoman

The internet is convinced that Haley Bennett is going to be the next Catwoman, after her mysterious post of the DC comic villain to her personal instagram page.

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While this certainly could mean that the rising actress is being eyed for the role, Warner Bros has yet to confirm on the rumor, as it is just pure speculation for now.

Since Haley Bennett could end up being the DCEU’s first Catwoman for the upcoming Gotham City Sirens, set to star Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, it would be an even better idea to look into why Haley Bennett could be a great Catwoman.

Here Is Why Haley Bennett would be a great Catwoman:

1. The Magnificent Seven:

Why Haley Bennett Would Be A Great Catwoman

Haley Bennett’s character is almost supposed to be a simple damsel in distress in this cowboy western, but ends up being a whole lot more by the films end.

While most people in the film are completely too terrified to even ask for help in fighting the treacherous Bartholomew Bogue (in the film), it is in Haley Bennett’s character, that she shows she is more than just some damsel who needs some guys help.

Her character Emma Cullen is not only the reason for The Magnificent Seven forming in the first place, but she also fights alongside the guys in the film while all of the other women and children are hidden away.

Haley Bennett’s character “Emma” is surprisingly much more than a Damsel in distress and actually proves herself to almost be the 8th member in The Magnificent Seven, as she shows just how strong of a female character she can really be.

Her role as Emma Cullen not only debuted her range as a woman, but it gave us a glimpse of just how bad-ass her strong feminine character can really be when having to go toe to toe with “the boys”.

This is a obvious strong point, as we all know that Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is a character who is meant to do exactly that, in fighting alongside and against, The Dark Knight and other tough nosed male characters.

2. Appearance:

While this may be an obvious one for some, Haley Bennett not only has the beautiful looks of Selina Kyle, but she also looks like she would blend in with the female Suicide Squad crew.

Since Margot Robbie is around the same age as Haley Bennett, they not only share the looks of sister like villains, but they would probably actually blend together well while being the true bad chicks they are.

We are still waiting for Poison Ivy to be cast, but from what seems likely, the character and actress chosen will also blend well with the main stars of the Gotham City Sirens movie.

Why Haley Bennett Would Be A Great Catwoman


While we wait for the internet breaking moment of the Gotham City Sirens casting of Catwoman and Poison Ivy, check out one of my favorite Poison Ivy candidates, in Stephanie Corneliussen .


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