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Matt Reeves Directing Batman Is Life Saving News For The DCEU

While many thought that all hope was lost after Ben Affleck’s departing from the directing of the next solo Batman movie, the recent news of the film being taken over by Matt Reeves is beyond good news for the DCEU.

Not only is Matt Reeves well suited to direct a Batman movie, but he is a damn near perfect fit as he has found great success in directing gritty heroic films like Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

After Ben Affleck’s departure from the directorial process of the movie, there was a downward spiral of rumors, from the DCEU being doomed, to Ben Affleck being re-cast completely from being The Dark Knight in the first place.

With Matt Reeves in place to direct the solo Batman film, all fans have to do now is hope that the DCEU has learned from its mistakes in intruding on the directors creative process, as Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman were both violated by Warner Bros editorial team.

While we all wait for the DCEU to get back under the grace of more fans, let’s just hope that Ben Affleck can finally do what he was meant to, in playing one of the best Batman’s in a solid DC extended universe movie.

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