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Recalling Eric Carter’s “Jack Bauer” Moment From 24 Legacy

24 Legacy has had it’s double night premier, and I was more than pleased with the content so far from the 24 spin-off and continuation. While I was admittedly un-sure whether the first 24 Legacy episodes would live up to the hype that the original 24 series brought, I was ecstatically pleased as 24 Legacy brought back what we have missed from the original series so much.

In it’s premiere, 24 Legacy brought back the screenplay of no one being safe, no one being trustworthy and most importantly, our new show star Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), channeling many of the traits that Jack Bauer made us enjoy the show for the most.

In his early Jack Bauer moments, Corey Hawkins character Eric Carter showed his selfless addiction to protecting his country, as he has already showed us that he is willing to risk it all in order to stop terrorist attacks in the United States.

Recalling Eric Carter's "Jack Bauer" Moment From 24 Legacy

One of the most notable of these early Jack Bauer moments was when Eric Carter showed he was willing to do the impossible task of robbing a police station (in broad daylight).

Eric Carter basically got himself arrested, while assaulting some police officers to do what was right for the greater good. While many casual show viewers might see this as a crime or a un-warranted act, the true 24 fans know that this is exactly what Jack Bauer would do, as Eric Carter showed us just how similar to the shows previous star he really is.

While the show undoubtedly left us with a perfect cliff hanger for Monday’s episode, it was nice to see that 24 is giving us glimpses of Jack Bauer through the new star in Eric Carter.

What did you think of Eric Carter’s lead in the 24 Legacy debut?

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