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Everything Wrong With John Wick 2 (Listed)

Everything Wrong With John Wick 2 (Listed)

John Wick 2 is nearing it’s wide release and I do not understand the critical praise of these movies. The first one did exceptionally well for the pure action movie it was, while the second one is pretty much the same movie as the first, with even more action.

I just saw John Wick 2 at an early press release, and while there are certainly enjoyable parts to the movie, let’s not pretend there aren’t a trillion and a half things wrong with the movie.

While I could make a list nit-picking every single thing that is wrong with the most recent John Wick release, I will make sure to list only the main things that bothered me through-out the film.

This list contains very minor spoilers, but since John Wick 2 has very little plot, there really isn’t much that could be spoiled.

1. Where The Hell Are The Police?

Everything Wrong With John Wick 2 (Listed)

Watching John Wick 2 you will immediately notice a kill count that is beyond recordable, while watching the movie on a single run. Not only is the movie filled with over the top violence in public places, but it is in the middle of New York and other major populous areas, that John Wick and his murder buddies have killing sprees at.

I mean these people are stabbing, shooting and having car fights with each other all over the most populous areas of New York, while nobody does anything or even notices half of the time. The pedestrians are just in the background walking around, while the police are no where to be found through-out the entire movie.

It would seem like in the multiple car chase scenes, that there would be at least one patrol car to show up in the middle of this madness that is John Wick 2.

2. Is This Supposed To Be A Comic-book Movie?

Everything Wrong With John Wick 2 (Listed)

While I get the whole gist of John Wick being the bad-ass Boogeyman, I don’t get how the man could have possibly survived and kept going through all that he did in the film.

I do understand that he had on a tactical suit, and maybe did somehow not get shot in the head (that was wide open to multiple bullets, more than once) the most ridiculous part of this whole spiel is how John Wick manages to get his knees blown out by a car more than once, yet is able to hop back up like he is some sort of beyond human, mutant or superhero.

It would be one thing if the movie mentioned that he had some kind of superhuman gene, or was a part of some super experiment gone wrong (that lead to his insane invulnerability), but the movies do none of that, as he just gets hit by a car in the legs multiple times, and gets back up like it’s nothing.

I don’t care who you are, if a car hits you in the knees at a driving speed, you aren’t getting back up with your legs working as if you got tackled by a high-school linebacker.

3. Can We Take A Break From The Action?

Everything Wrong With John Wick 2 (Listed)


There comes a point where too much action leads to a numbing of the excitement that the action is supposed to bring. While John Wick 2 is one cool movie, the constant throwing of one person over your shoulder to shoot them in the head is what gets tiring after, about 25 times into the film.

While I did and do enjoy the action of the John Wick movies, it was very tiring at the end as I just wanted him to get to killing the last guy already. We knew he was going to do it, we knew it was going to happen, so why continue showing us the same gun shot over the head move over and over again, as if this is still as exciting as it was the first 15 to 20 times they showed it?

At the end of the day, John Wick 2 was an enjoyable movie, with a massive upgrade to everything that was in the first John Wick movie. That being said, if you enjoyed the first John Wick film, make sure to go and see John Wick 2 in theaters on February 10th.

Side Note: Don’t get too offended by this list, it was meant to be nit-picky.


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