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New Prison Break Trailer Debuts & Season 6 Confirmed?

New Prison Break Trailer Debuts & Season 6 Confirmed

Prison Break is one of those shows that has had one of the biggest cult followings in Fox series history. While fans were shocked that the rumor of a season 5 of Prison Break was even a possibility, it appears now that a season 6 may be in the works after a Instagram post from Dominic Purcell.

First, if you haven’t seen the most recent Prison Break trailer, check it out below, as you will get more of a glimpse behind Michael’s survival and return to prison.

Watch New Prison Break Trailer:

It will be beyond interesting to see how in the world Michael Scofield is still alive after such a seemingly confirmed ending in season 4.

Now for the even better news. . .

Prison Break star Dominic Purcell used Instagram to thank his cinematographer, as they wrapped shooting in Morocco.

While Dominic being gracious is nothing new, it was interesting to note that he ended his post with a hashtag #S6 as it seems like he may be alluding to the possibility of a Prison Break season 6 being in the works.

It seems a bit early for a new Prison Break season to be confirmed, but knowing how this show is watched, and how many people have been looking forward to this surprise season, it is not all that surprising that a Prison Break season 6 could be under way.

Decide for yourself below, see Dominic Purcell’s Instagram:

Prison Break season 5 is set to debut April 4th, at 9pm EST.

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