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The New LOGAN Trailer Is The Best Of The Year

The New LOGAN Trailer Is The Best Of The Year

Wow, I mean I expected a lot, but this entire Logan trailer blew my mind, as it is by far the best trailer of 2017. Not only is it the best trailer of the new year, but Logan has now jumped to being my most anticipated superhero movie of the entire year.

While March is packed full of the years best movies, Logan looks to take the number one spot, as I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie warrants some type of Oscar awards.

X-23 is amazing beyond expectations and the rest of the cast looks just as stellar. Anyway, before I continue my Logan worshipping, make sure to watch the trailer again, and again, and again.

Watch The Logan Trailer:

I mean how many times can you watch this trailer before being tired of how amazing it is? The action amazing, the tone even better, the cast just as stellar. Man oh man oh man.

If you want to see the Logan trailer that is a bit more extended make sure to check out the red bad Logan trailer that has a couple of funny F-bombs to enjoy.

Watch The Logan trailer red-band extended cut:

If this movie is anywhere close to as good as the trailers look, then R-rated superhero movies will become a phenomenon that can’t be stopped.

See Logan in theaters March 3rd.


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