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The Best Movies Coming In March 2017

The Best Movies Coming In March 2017

March is my birthday month, so I couldn’t help but to notice that there is a copious amount of amazing movies coming in March.

We were just blessed with the new Kong: Skull Island trailer, so after seeing that I decided to make a list of all the best movies coming in March.

See the best movies coming in March below, and be prepared to spend your money!

1. Kong: Skull Island

As I have previously stated, this movie looks surprisingly more light-hearted than expected, but the second trailer still looks amazing.

It appears this movie is going to be something like Godzilla but with even more monsters and island like creatures to choose from.

King Kong looks like a protagonist in this film, so it will be interesting to see what happens when they have this giant ape fight Godzilla in the future cross over.

From the beautiful shots, to the charismatic actors and storytelling, I hope that this is the biggest King Kong movie yet.

See Kong: Skull Island March 10th, 2017!

2. Ghost In The Shell

Another awesome flick coming this March. Ghost In The Shell is the first live action adaption of the original anime that inspired The Matrix. Scarlett Johansson is sexily playing The Major, and I cannot wait to see her play a role similar to one of my favorite movies, LUCY.

From Scarjo being Scarjo, to the excellent action and philosophical depths this movie will take, Ghost In The Shell looks to be another amazing addition to Scarlett Johansson’s action roles, that she keeps getting better at.

While white-washing may be an issue, this doesn’t stop this movie from looking all the more bad-ass at it debuts in theaters March 31st, 2017!

3. Beauty And The Beast

While I couldn’t care less about a Disney love story. This movie is something so many fans have been waiting for.

Since this is the case, this movie is more than worthy of making the list, as I expect it to break box office records for it’s March 17th weekend.

While Beauty And The Beast is not something I care about, I will say this trailer looks pretty damn appealing. Apparently everyone else thought so too, as the trailer apparently had record breaking views on Youtube during it’s recent release.

If there is any reason to see it, Emma Watson is in it 🙂

4. Power Rangers

One of my absolute favorite on this out of order list. Power Rangers looks to bring millennial dreams true, as this movie was made for the kids who grew up watching Power Rangers in the morning before school.

I absolutely love the cast and the darker tone that for some odd reason people keep complaining about.

While this movie does look like Chronicle, I think it looks even better as the tone is still going to be even more fun and millennial relatable than any other next year.

The first trailer brings an edge and tone I cannot wait for, so let’s hope this movie delivers!

Favorite actor in this movie:

Becky G

See Power Rangers March 24th, 2017!

5. Logan

Now for probably the best movie on the list. Logan looks to bring emotion, like no other Marvel or X-Men movie has ever done. Not only does it look like Wolverine will finally die and pass the torch. . .

But Hugh Jackman is leaving as well. Professor X also looks like this may be his last movie (at least Patrick Stewart’s version) as we are going to probably have to say goodbye to those amazing 15 years of X-Men movies these legends gave us.

This movie be a tribute to those amazing (now) old-school X-Men actors, but this may also be the last generation of X-Men movies with any members of the original cast.

I literally remember watching Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the first X-Men movie as a younger kid, so this is going to be a true heart to heart movie that brings tears and joy to every single one of those fans hearts.

Besides all of that emotional stuff, this movie looks absolutely fantastic, as it looks deeper and more Oscar worthy than any other Marvel movie to date. . .

So with all of those amazing movies coming in March, which one is your favorite?


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