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Recapping The Best Dave Chappelle Moments From Saturday Night Live

Recapping The Best Dave Chappelle Moments From Saturday Night Live

As many of you know, Dave Chappelle absolutely killed it on Saturday Night Live last night, as his performance brought joy to everyone.

Dave Chappelle left fans in a missing hiatus for many years but came back swoler and funnier than ever as he did stand-up, skits and even The Walking Dead routines like we couldn’t dream of.

While America may be in a bit of a tussle over the recent election results, Dave Chappelle did what he does best and got personal, while keeping it funny at the same time.

Election Night:

While many are still in pain over the shocking election of Donald Trump, Dave Chappelle made audiences laugh over a much heavier matter.

Whether you were for Trump or Clinton, there is something seriously wrong with you if you can’t seem to find this skit even the least bit funny.

Watch Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock in the Election Night skit:

Saturday Night Live is what it is today due to their comedic portrayal of real life events as I loved how they said they can’t wait to vent on Facebook tomorrow as they surely over-did following that wild election night.

The real question is how many times are we really going to get to see Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock in the same room together like this again?

The Stand-Up Routine:

The best thing about comedy is that you can make otherwise serious matters, much more light hearted as you can actually find yourself laughing at some pretty un-funny stuff.

Dave Chappelle has always been the master of exactly that, as you will see his first televised stand-up routine in years.

Be prepared to laugh out loud, as Dave Chappelle proves he’s still got it.

Watch the Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue:

The Walking Dead Skit:

This part was the absolute highlight of the show, as Dave Chappelle went viral for not only playing that Negan scene all over again, but doing it while bringing his famous Chappelle show characters back to life.

Watch the highlight of the night, as Dave Chappelle and Saturday Night Live went viral like never before. . .

Watch Dave Chappelle Negan Skit:

Maybe Dave Chappelle isn’t open to bringing his show back, but we all want it or some form of Dave Chappelle back on screen.

In the meantime, keep watching these videos and spreading the love of how much you missed the comedic legend himself.

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