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BMW’s Short Movie ‘The Escape’ Is The Best Advertising You’ll Ever See

BMW's Short Movie The Escape Is The Best Advertising You'll Ever See

So many of you may have probably seen the short commercial that looked like an actual movie trailer, but it ended up being a simple car commercial.

BMW has taken advertising to an entirely new level as not only did they make a movie just to show off their new car, but they got some of the best action stars in Hollywood to do it.

The Escape stars Clive Owen, Jon Bernthal and Dakota Fanning as they literally have a real movie just to advertise a car.

The movie is not only fun and action packed, but probably more enjoyable than actual movies I have paid money to go see.

Watch the BMW short film, The Escape, as you get ready to see some of the best advertising of all time:

I am not even all the way through and I am hoping I get to see more like this. From Jon Bernthal playing his classic character, to Clive Owen being the smooth operator of the BMW, this short movie is more than enough to make me want a BMW.

Neill Blomkamp does an excellent job of directing this film as you can actually feel his Chappie style within Dakota Fanning’s character.

Watch some behind the scenes footage of the BMW movie below:

BMW Films The Escape BTS Part 1:

BMW Films The Escape BTS Part 2:

So now the only question remains, is this movie good enough to make you want a BMW?

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