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These Two New Trailers For Amy Adams Movies Will Make You Pay

Amy Adams

Amy Adams will be taking all of my money, as I will be getting tickets for her next two movies coming soon.

Whether it is the alien sci-fi Arrival, or what looks like an intense thriller titled Nocturnal Animals, Amy Adams has awesome movies coming soon that you will want to see after watching the new trailers below:


Starring Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, this alien sci-fi mystery is something I will definitely be seeing on November 11th.

From the real world like dramas, to what looks like an excellent mystery film all together, Arrival is not something you are going to want to miss.

Did I mention this movie is absolutely killing it in it’s early press reviews?  (not that reviews should make your own opinions)

Watch the new Arrival trailer below:

So yeah, put that on your November 11th, calendar folks.

Nocturnal Animals:

This movie looks even more fun, as we know less and less about what it’s about, yet we can’t stop our minds from pondering towards more.

For one, this movie has Amy Adams, for two this movie has Jake Gyllenhaal (another actor whose movies you don’t want to miss), and for three and four, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor Johnson are set to play some pretty sadistic looking bad guys (or are they?).

Either way, this mysterious new film, made by the creators of Prisoners (another great dark story), is set to hit theaters November 23rd.

Did I mention this movie is made by Tom Ford? (yes the Oscar nominated fashion designer).

Watch the new Nocturnal Animals trailer below:

This trailers score is nothing short of incredible.

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