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Deadpool 2: Ranking That Domino Shortlist

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

So Deadpool 2 is just getting started and fans can’t get enough of the potential new actors and actresses that will be playing Cable and Domino.

Since Collider’s release of the new Domino short list, fans have been rampant in casting who they want to see as the first X-Men Domino on the big screen.

From John Wick 2’s Ruby Rose, to Bond: Spectre’s Stephanie Sigman, this Deadpool 2, Domino short list is full of star stuttered talent that I would happily see many of these actresses portray.

Here is our list of the best actresses ranked to play Domino:

1. Ruby Rose:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

I mean look at that picture, Ruby Rose is a picture perfect version of Deadpool’s Domino and to add to her resume, Rose has two hardcore action flicks on her way as she stars in John Wick Chapter 2 and xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage.

Ruby Rose would not only bring in massive audiences from her looks alone, but she has the perfect momentum going to be the first Domino on the big screen.

2. Sofia Boutella:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

Known for her villainous role in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Sofia Boutella shows us just how perfectly she can play a sexy, yet edgy and hardcore character at the same time. This of course would fit Domino perfectly as her mix of sexy and bad-ass is what makes her character.

From her edgy looks, to how well she can act in an action based role, I wouldn’t be mad at all if Sofia Boutella was our first big screen Domino.

3. Stephanie Sigman:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

Known for her roles in Bond: Spectre, and hit Netflix series Narcos, Stephanie Sigman has the resume and acting talents to bring to the character of Domino.

While Domino wouldn’t be the most identical fit for the rising star, Stephanie Sigman is certainly one I wouldn’t mind taking on the role as she has the acting talents, looks and potential to be a perfectly bad-ass Domino.

4. Lizzy Caplan:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

Known for her roles in Masters of Sex, Cloverfield Lane and The Interview, Lizzy Caplan has the comedic value that Domino is probably set to bring in Deadpool 2.

After seeing Negasonic Teenage Warhead and the massive (but good) character changes this mutant brought to the first movie, I could totally see Lizzy Caplan taking on a similar re-imagined role.

While Domino is not necessarily a hilarious character in the comics, we all know that Deadpool in general is full of black humor that Lizzy Caplan would be perfect for.

From her natural looks, to her long list of acting debuts, I could easily see Lizzy Caplan taking on that Domino role in Deadpool 2.

5. Sienna Miller:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

This actress has no problem playing a strong edgy character as she played one of the main villains in GI Joe: Rise OF The Cobra,  Sienna Miller has a long list of acclaimed movies as she also starred alongside Bradley Cooper in the critically acclaimed American Sniper.

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

While she may not be the most fit to play Domino on the list, I definitely think she could make the role work.

Honorable Mention:

Elizabeth Winstead:

Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist

While she could have easily made higher on our Domino short list ranking, Elizabeth Winstead is another great choice for the first live action Domino character.

From her well received role in 10 Cloverfield Lane to playing a major character in the series Fargo, Elizabeth Winstead definitely has the acting capabilities and looks to be the first live action Domino for Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 has yet to have an official release date, but we can’t wait to see who gets to take on the important roles of Domino and Cable in Deadpool 2.

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  1. Why they chose a light-skinned black chick with a F’d up Angela Davis afro, and a white spot over her left eye is beyond me. IMHO, that’s akin to how they F’d up Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins

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