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These Two Trailers Will Make You Want To Play Video Games Again

Assassins Creed New Trailer:

Now I know this trailer is straying from the video game quite some bit, but lets be honest for a moment and acknowledge just how great this new Assassin’s Creed trailer looks.

From the new story, to the parkour and blade slashing, I am now looking forward to the new Assassins Creed movie more than ever.

I was quite skeptical on Michael Fassbender playing what was supposed to be (at minimum) “Ezio Auditore”, or “Altair”, but after this final Assassin’s Creed trailer, he has me sold for opening night tickets.

Not only does the practical yet fantasy like action get me off (from the trailer alone), but I can’t wait to meet these new characters and see them up close in action.

How will Michael Fassbender escape Abstergo? Who are all of his partners in Assassin’s times? Who will live, who will die?

December 21st can’t come soon enough, as I will certainly be spending my holiday enjoying the first Assassin’s Creed big screen debut.

Grand Theft Auto V: Virtual Reality Short Film:

So yeah, GTA V in virtual reality is probably not the most healthy thing for a society full of psychopaths who likes to do stuff like this in real life. . .

but this GTA V short film about the crime-filled game in virtual reality is the best thing since sliced bread.

Not only does it make you want to be a part of virtual reality in GTA V, but it features GTA V’s very own Steven Ogg, otherwise known as Trevor ( the psychotic motherfucker who makes the story).

This short film will make you wish GTA V had a virtual reality this realistic, and may even up the sales of people wanting to get back into the latest Grand Theft Auto installment (I know I’m one of them).

So what do you think? Do these video game to movie adaptions make you fall in love with the original franchise?

. . .Or would you have rather seen Trever only as Trevor?

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