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Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Here’s What You Should Want To See

Suicide Squad extended cut

The Suicide Squad extended cut is official and headed to Digital HD and Blu-ray with un-rated versions releasing in November.

While fans have petitioned, sued, and pled for that extra footage Warner Bros has been keeping from us, we are kind of getting our wish as at least 13 minutes of extra footage will be revealed in the Suicide Squad extended cut.

With literal lists of missing Suicide Squad scenes being leaked, it is time to hope for the best and pray we see some of this content in that un-rated 13 extra minutes.

Here’s What You Should Want To See:

The COMPLETE Bar Scene:

Suicide Squad extended cut

As one of the main selling points in many of the Suicide Squad trailers, Warner Bros decided it would be a good (yet awful) idea to cut out the majority of the bar scene that we all enjoyed while watching the Suicide Squad previews.

Not only did the bar scene seem completely different from the trailers, but the edited scene lacked character development that would have probably made the squads backstories and relationship much more gripping.

From El Diablo telling his story, to the massive cutting of Captain Boomerang’s dialogue (and role all together), we just hope we can see a bit more of what was in-competently cut from the Suicide Squad theatrical release.

The Joker:

Suicide Squad extended cut

This is a obvious one for many, as Jared Leto expressed some pissed off frustration with the mulling of his method acting parts in Suicide Squad.

From the clear missing scenes in the trailers, to the Harley and Joker scenes that would have justified his being in the movie a lot more.  . .

Warner Bros pissed off Jared Leto and a lot more fans with their un-necessary mulling of the character people were seeing Suicide Squad for the most.[ecwid_product id=”68507983″ display=”picture title addtobag”]

Character Development:

Suicide Squad extended cutWhile obviously character development is not a member of the Suicide Squad, it is a member the squad needed, as Warner Bros thought it would be a good idea to cut down large chunks of character and plot development, that would have probably made the movie much more stable.

From a snippet of the deleted scenes list below, you can see longer and larger back stories of everyone from Katana and Killer Croc to even Slipknot.


While Warner Bros got what they wanted with Suicide Squad’s major cashflow, they still failed to give many fans what they wanted with a deeper more captivating plot including much more of their favorite characters actual scenes.

Look at the full Suicide Squad deleted scenes list here and tell me you don’t want to see at least some of these in the extended film.

Harley Quinn & The Joker:

Suicide Squad extended cut

After looking at that full list, you will probably remember a leaked scene in which Harley Quinn and The Joker’s abusive relationship was being filmed.

This was some of the most early footage of Suicide Squad that was cut for.. . I don’t know. . . marketing purposes?[ecwid_product id=”68507982″ display=”picture title options addtobag”]

Either way, fans were outraged as it seems Warner Bros listened too much to critics and fell directly into the fear of their movie being too dark (even though this is DC comics and they’re super-villains for Christ’s sake).

Did I mention that Harley Quinn and The Joker had highly abusive scenes in the highly successful Batman: The Animated Series ?

Other Missing Scenes From The Trailers:

Suicide Squad extended cut

While Suicide Squad was releasing trailers with new footage up until their August release date, the missing footage from the trailers tells us exactly how much and how last minute Warner Bros thought it was a good idea to change what they had already filmed for the movie.

Warner Bros has to understand that by now it is never a good idea to make it so obvious you cut a very large chunk of out the original movie.

While Suicide Squad made it’s good money, there is no way true DCEU fans want to see anything like this massive editing of their original comic film happen again.[ecwid_product id=”71788572″ display=”picture title addtobag”]I can’t wait for the Suicide Squad extended cut, and just hope Warner Bros has learned from it’s theatrical cut mistakes.

What scenes do you want to see the most in the Suicide Squad extended cut?


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