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Power Rangers Movie Trailer: They’re Wrong, It Looks Great!

Power Rangers Movie Trailer

Power Rangers has been under development for quite some time, and now, New York Comic Con has given us our first Power Rangers movie trailer.

With this trailer has come praise, some hate, and some complaints that I just can’t wrap my head around.

Before we begin this discussion, see the greatness again for yourself. . .

Watch the Power Rangers movie trailer:

Now a lot of these complaints (like anything else) can be found in the Youtube comments section, as nostalgic fans complain over the movie looking too serious or dark.

Power Rangers movie trailer
Prince Olympius from the KIDS SHOW ‘Power Rangers’

This literally makes no sense to me, as not only was Power Rangers it’s self dark ( with those demonic looking villains ), but what exactly did these fans want?

A ‘Y-7’ kids movie!?

Power Rangers features a cast full of millennial talent as we get to see Becky G, Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott, and others, give us something that gives off a vibe similar to Chronicle (kind of).

While Chronicle was too dark for what would be a Power Rangers movie, this movie looks more fun than Chronicle as the gloomy factor doesn’t seem to over load the fun.

From the super powered action scenes, to the new modern day vibe of a once nostalgic show, I think Dean Israelite has (so far at least) done this Power Rangers movie completely right.

Power Rangers Movie Trailer

While Youtube comments are often full of negative, movie hating, internet Ritas, I hope Power Rangers doesn’t fall vicim to the same sword that Suicide Squad did, in making the movie extra soft core for the people who complain for the sake of it.

. . .Or perhaps for the sake of copying this whole ridiculous (every movie is too dark) routine, that has seemed to spread after a disastrous Batman V. Superman theatrical release.

If you have a complaint about the Power Rangers movie trailer, let me know below, and we can talk about why you think this movie is going to be horrible.

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