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First Iron Fist Trailer: He Could Beat Daredevil’s Ass

Iron Fist Trailer

New York Comic Con is almost under-wraps, and so that means a ton of new awesome trailers have dropped.

From Marvel, to pure bad-ass, everything is coming out and next is Iron Fist.

The first Iron Fist trailer has debuted, and Danny looks more bad-ass than ever, as he meditates then breaks your face.

Watch the first Iron Fist trailer, then stay for our comments on the matter:

Yeah, so this looks more bad-ass than even I expected, and I expected pretty bad ass (sorry I keep saying that word). Iron Fist is not only fierce, but an even better martial artist than Daredevil was.

I absolutely loved how the trailer features him meditating (actual meditator myself) while on the streets he is fighting in a brutal fashion very similar to Daredevil’s (and a superhero Bruce Lee’s).

Speaking of Daredevil, did you notice the easter egg characters from the show, that made the trailers appearance?

Iron Fist Trailer

Since Daredevil is full of martial arts, and bad guys with swords, it is no surprise some of the shows top villains are showing up in Marvel’s Iron Fist.

As many of you know, Daredevil is the best Marvel Netflix show to date, and even though Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were fun, there has been no Marvel show to top the blind martial artist.

However. . .

Iron Fist may change that, as Finn Jones plays a character quite similar to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. . .

I was disappointed no Marvel Netflix show has been able to steadily top the Daredevil series, so I am looking forward to see if Iron Fist is the one that does.

From the meditation and martial arts, to the style and culture of this show, I hope Danny Rand is the most bad ass Marvel hero we have seen yet (at least as far as Netflix screenings go).

I can’t wait to disassemble my sleep schedule March 17th, 2017 .

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