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Ben Affleck: The Batman Movie Has Not Even Started Yet

The Batman Movie

Much has been anticipated for the next solo Batman debut ever since Joe Manganiello was shared by Batfleck as Deathstroke.

While we still have no idea when Deathstroke will appear, many fans assumed that it must be for The Batman movie, that is set to take place sometime after Justice League.

With all of the speculation surrounding The Batman movie, Ben Affleck has surprised many people including myself with the news that, “The Batman movie isn’t [even] happening yet”.

In an interview with E-News discussing Batfleck’s new The Accountant movie, the DCEU star stated that The Batman may not even be the official title for his first Batman solo movie debut.

Watch the Ben Affleck interview below:

Since Ben Affleck says they are in the very beginning of even the script production, The Batman himself says he just kind of came up with a name for the the solo Batman movie that seems to be much more of a working title.

While Batfleck has certainly been busy with filming the Justice League, this news of The Batman movie not even having it’s budget figured out yet, is sure to make that 2018 release date a lot more un-certain.[ecwid_product id=”68483617″ display=”picture title price addtobag”]

Either way, lets just hope Wonder Woman is free from the flaws of Warner Bros and their editing room.

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