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Get Out Trailer: Jordan Peele’s New Horror is Scary & Genius

Get Out Trailer

Yes you read that right, comedic genius Jordan, from Key & Peele has gone into the depth of horror as the Get Out trailer looks so terrifying you are probably thinking of a different Jordan Peele.

While I was steadily waiting for some comedy to appear in the new Get Out trailer, it only got more scary and insane as the time went on.

From the producers of Insidious, and The Visit, Get Out will give you glimpses of what looks like a combination of The Shining and some true cultural horrors.

Watch the first Get Out trailer here:

The true cultural horror is displayed here as every black person knows how un-easy we may feel going to a very rural area ( for obvious reasons ).

Obviously this trailer takes those fears a step further as it embeds Insidious, and The Shining type thrills as it goes on.

From the fear of racism, to the fear of demonic rural people, it looks like Jordan Peele is also pulling from the looks of classic horror’s like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

While I am not a horror person myself, this movie is absolutely something I will be going to see as it also features Kieth Stanfield one of the best actors on hit FX series, Atlanta.

The premise of this movie alone seems like a joke, as I know several instances in which black friends of mine have thought about the fear of dating a white person and meeting their racist parents.

While the premise is something similar to other horror films like Insidious or even Paranormal Activity, Jordan Peele may be the first one to embed this movie into real life dilemmas that black people ( especially males ) may face.

While Key & Peele is known for tackling it’s fair share of controversial real life topics, perhaps this movie is another example of just how much of a creative , controversial genius Jordan Peele may be.

See Get Out in theaters February 24th 2017.

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