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Ben Affleck’s 4 Best Movies Coming Soon

Ben Affleck is making rounds in the movie industry, as he is in nearly every highly anticipated action movie coming soon.

From simply starring, to starring and directing, Ben Affleck is on cue to become the highest paid actor over the next year or two.

See our list of Ben Affleck’s 4 Best Movies Coming Soon

The Accountant:

An obvious choice for our list, The Accountant is set to hit theaters in just a couple weeks as Ben Affleck stars in what looks like a Jason Bourne meets Rain Main film take.

Ben Affleck plays “Chris”, who is challenged in normal social areas while exceeding in less common skills ( sometimes quite deadly ).

Whether it is numbers, or shooting a sniper rifle, Ben Affleck looks to bring an exciting premise to the big screen as he stars alongside, Anna Kendrick and JK Simmons.

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Justice League:

Perhaps the most exciting to the DC comic fans, Justice League is going to be the first live action debut of everyones favorite superheroes.

Ben Affleck will return as Batman, while he hopes his next DCEU installment will restore faith in Warner Bros and the DC comic movie community.

From Ezra Miller, to Ray Fisher, let’s just hope Warner Bros can get this one right and not over edit their directors work.

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Live By Night:

A movie that will truly show Ben Affleck’s directing skills, Live By Night is the film adaption of Dennis Lehane’s best selling crime novel.

Live By Night stars Ben Affleck as he directs what looks like a stone cold crime thriller full of beautiful shots and even better screen play.

From the gritty action sequences, to the steady life of crime, Ben Affleck looks to add to his Hollywood perception as the edgy bad-ass to catch in your latest thriller flick.

Live By Night releases January 13th 2017.

The Batman:

Ben Affleck's 4 Best Movies Coming Soon

The farthest movie from release on the list, Ben Affleck’s The Batman is going to be the first Batman solo film since Christian Bale’s The Dark Knight trilogy.

From the rumors of multiple Batman villains, to the reveal of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, this future Batman installment is sure to break box office records.

Ben Affleck's 4 Best Movies Coming Soon

With the Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne debut we have seen so far, look forward to this Boston bad-ass showing us why his Batman is the best Batman.

The Batman is said to release a year and a half from now.

Which of these upcoming Ben Affleck movies are your favorite ?

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