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Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

Obviously Mr. Robot season 2 has ended and now it is time to rank all of the best characters going into season 3.

Warning: The following list will contain spoilers, that adamant Mr. Robot viewers should avoid. 

  1.  Tyrell Wellick:

Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

The big name since the end of season 1, Tyrell is who everyone is looking for in nearly every episode of Mr. Robot season 2. From the murder of a woman, to the collapse of the United States financial system, Tyrell Wellick is the most wanted man in connection to the 5/9 hacks ( besides Mr. Robot himself ).

The truth of his characters existence is revealed by season 2’s end and we can’t wait to see what’s in store after that wild scene with Elliot.

2. Elliot Alderson:

Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

Obviously the main character of the show, Elliot is almost dead by the seasons end.

It will be interesting to see where / how he wakes up, and where his character takes us through season 3. I can’t wait to see how he pieces his memory back together with Tyrell and The Dark Army’s plans he apparently created himself.
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I do hope they chill on the “it was all just an illusion” story-telling though, because the Mr. Robot “we just watched all of that and it wasn’t real” stuff gets kind of annoying over time.

Either way, were excited to see Rami Malek and his incredible performance for season 3.

3. Dom / Darlene:

Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

I couldn’t decide which one was ranked higher so they both split in the middle. I wonder what Darlene’s fate is about to be, and I also wonder what Dom meant by “I am her”. The awkwardness of the dialogue and tones the characters give off is something to be excited about for what mysterious things may happen in season 3.

That Dom and Darlene scene in the finale was truly exciting to watch ( great acting, dialogue and all ).

4. Mr. Robot:

Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

You have to love Christian Slater, but he is also ranked so low because his connection to Elliot can be a bit much at times.

I want to see Mr. Robot because Christian Slater does such a good job portraying Elliot’s “Fight Club” alter ego, but at the same time I don’t want to waste a bunch of episodes in an illusion again.

It was also cool to see Mr. Robot fade by the finale end, as Elliot seemingly died .

5. Joanna Wellick:

Mr. Robot Season 2: Ranking The Best Characters

From being the pretty trophy wife in season 1, Stephanie Corneliussen took her acting abilities and character to an entirely new level.

The models acting was truly superb in season 2, as the actresses role was expanded far beyond anyone expected. From her tirades over her missing husband, to her calm yet evil demeanor, Mrs. Wellick is exactly what the show needed her to be for season 2.

I really wonder where her character is headed after the brutal scene between her and Scott Knowles ( a brutal but excellently acted scene ).

6. Joey Badass ( Leon ) and The Other Hackers:


While most of the “F Society” hackers have been killed or displaced, it will be quite interesting to see where the remaining ones such as Mobley and Trenton take us.

Surprisingly enough, Joey Badasses performance as Leon was exceptionally good, and made me interested to see him more as he met up with the other hackers at the end.

Even if these are all supporting characters , it will be nice to see how their stories intertwine into the next season.

7. White Rose / Angela Moss:


White Rose was always one of the more interesting characters from season 1, as we had no idea who she even was.

B.D. Wong gives a Emmy nominating performance as he shows us that all of those years on SVU paid off. It will be very interesting to see where her story takes us, as it seems she was quite convincing to Angela about joining whatever they are up to.

The tone of Angela’s voice while talking to Tyrell was very interesting to hear, as she almost seemed inspired to be with The Dark Army.

I think that is all for the interesting characters going into Mr. Robot season 3, so if I missed anybody feel free to let me know.

Now, who did YOU enjoy the most from Mr. Robot season 2?

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