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Bruce Lee Birth Of A Dragon Trailer Looks Like A Martial Arts Classic

Holy shit folks, Bruce Lee is back! Well kind of. . .

Philip Ng portrays a hell of a Bruce Lee as you can skip me talking and go right down and see the legend himself below.

If you don’t want to skip me talking, than get ready for a mega ton of Bruce Lee worship that I am about to spew all over this post.

First, how many of you actually had an idea this movie was coming out!? While I do know that this movie has been in the works for at least a couple of years( 2013-ish ), I had no idea that this trailer was going to drop and hype me up like a mad man !

Bruce Lee as you can probably tell by now is by far one of my favorite people in history, and is set to be back on the big screen for the first time in many years.

Watch the Bruce Lee Birth Of A Dragon trailer:

While obviously this isn’t the real Bruce Lee, it appears actor Philip Ng has the legend completely down as everything from his voice, to his general attitude is spot on !

The movie is set to feature the true fight between Wong Jack Man and the legend himself, as it is one of the most important and controversial fights in martial arts history.


While in real life, the fight was privatized, with only a few attendees, reports about who actually won the fight are extremely mixed, and vastly different in their story-telling.

It will be interesting to see how the movie spins the fight, but it is likely it will be in Bruce Lee’s favor, as I am pretty sure this is mainly his movie.

I can’t wait for Bruce Lee VS Wong Jack Man The Birth Of A Dragon to make me want to take up martial arts even more than I already do !

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I would give you guys some references of the fight online, but the reports are so mixed that anything I posted would be from someone else’s biased and completely opposite point of view .

Regardless, the only people who truly know what went on are both now in their late lives and only meant to be studied for their true greatness and power they left on earth for all martial artists!

Unfortunately for me, and the many like me, this movie has only been released through TIFF ( Toronto International Film Festival ), so we will have to wait until we can see it here in the United States !

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