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Will Smith Gets Deep In Collateral Beauty Trailer:

Will Smith has been back on a role ever since his return to the Hollywood silver screen in Focus. Ever since then it appears Will Smith is making  grounds in movie after movie, now starring in a emotional drama known as Collateral Beauty.

Personally Will Smith is one of my favorite stars to look up to as he always has a deeper philosophy he discusses on the nature of life itself.

Knowing how deep Will Smith is, it is no coincidence David Frankel ( the director ), chose him to star.

Get ready for an emotional trailer, that is sure to make us feel and think during this holiday season !

Watch the Collateral Beauty trailer below:

Collateral Beauty is stacked with talent as it seems the entire cast features nothing but accoladed award winners.

While I would be watching this movie for Will Smith alone, Edward Norton, Kiera Knightly, Michael Pena and the many other talented actors,  make me want to get my ticket right away !

With how deep the context and plot of this movie seem to be, I am surprised Will Smith isn’t the director and producer of this philosophical film himself.

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While we all know Will Smith has been nominated for an Academy Award several times, perhaps this is the role that will get Will, his trophy.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to watch Will Smith, Edward Norton and others, make us all feel the love, time, and death, in theaters this holiday season !

The Collateral Beauty trailer is absolutely beautiful for what looks like an even more beautiful movie !

See Collateral Beauty in theaters December 16, 2016 .


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