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Joe Manganiello Is The First Live Action Deathstroke

While Joe Manganiello was basically the only person rumored to be playing Deathstroke, an interview with The Wall Street Journal has finally confirmed the role via DCEU executive Geoff Johns.

While discussing Geoff Johns role as the DCEU’s ( DC Cinematic Universe ) executive creative officer and president, the cinematic universe leader revealed that the rumors are true indeed, and Joe Manganiello will be our first Deathstroke.

So could Joe Manganiello be the perfect Deathstroke? See some awesome fan art below: Via BossLogic

Joe Manganiello Is The First Live Action Deathstroke


Deathstroke is known for his sinister and intimidating voice, as well as excellent martial arts skills that can quickly turn deadly while fighting The Dark Knight.

Check out an awesome clip of Deathstroke fighting Batman in the Arkham Knight series:

While Geoff Jones did stray away from questions surrounding Deathstroke’s future appearance, it does seem very likely that the Batman villain will have a major role in The Batman and possibly only cameo ( maybe in the end credits ) in the Justice League .

Maybe in a video similar to this…

Check out an awesome Deathstroke intro edit :

So what do you think, will Joe Manganiello be the Deathstroke we have all deserved? Or do you lack confidence in the True Blood star?

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