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FX Series ‘Atlanta’ Premiere Review: More Real Than I Was Ready For

Donald Glover’s first produced, directed and written television series has officially premiered and it broke the internet yesterday as many fans from all around the United States tuned in for ‘Atlanta’.

The new show ‘Atlanta’ showed us Atlanta like it has never been depicted before as Donald Glover offered a more realistic perspective of the show than I was ready for.

The shows starts with an introductory score of “OJ Da Juiceman’s” ‘No Hook’ as it immediately pans to the East Side.

While I personally expected a more broadly based view of Atlanta, the FX series ‘Atlanta’ seems to focus heavily on the much more gritty side of the major city.

FX Series 'Atlanta' Premiere Review: More Real Than I Was Ready For

From the serious mental health issues, to the people on the streets, I was immediately hit with more gritty and dark feels than I was expecting from a new Donald Glover show.

Acting & Writing:

The acting was so superb and to the point it almost felt as if you were watching a documentary.

From the trap rapper Paper Boy, to the east Atlanta lingo, each character seemed like more than a few people I have defiantly had conversations with before.

The writing followed in similar fashion as Donald Glover clearly set out to make this show as realistic as possible ( being an Atlanta native himself ).


FX Series 'Atlanta' Premiere Review: More Real Than I Was Ready For

Paper Boy: Earn Marks (Donald Glover’s character ) was absolutely flawless in portraying a true east Atlanta rapper, so much that I am not convinced that not really who is he in real life.

Earn Marks: Played by Donald Glover himself, was the ideal depiction of the East Atlanta native who just doesn’t fit in well with the common crowd. This I believe was intentional on Glover’s part, as he has mentioned himself about being awkward compared to his peers.

Van: Played by Zazie Beetz is Earn Marks “baby momma”, as she plays a very realistic depiction as well.

Many people on Twitter actually said that this is the first time they actually showed a black woman with a head scarf on in bed, because many of us know this is actually how it tends to go down.

FX Series 'Atlanta' Premiere Review: More Real Than I Was Ready For

Darius: Played by Kieth Stanfield, is the comic relief of the gritty show as he plays the typical friend who is always so high you’re wondering how he hasn’t gotten in trouble yet.


Donald Glover achieves his goal of making ‘Atlanta’ one of the most realistically depicted shows of any major city.

While the writing is authentic and to the point , it is also is a bit too dark for me to adjust to yet.

Donald Glover did say his goal was to make a show about being black in the Atlanta, so I am just waiting for myself to adjust to how serious the shows tone really is.

The performances and writing are absolutely solid, so I am just waiting to adjust to a true TV-MA show that I wasn’t quite expecting yet.

How does this line-up with your ‘Atlanta’ Premiere Review?


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