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Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

Zendaya has “pretty much” been officially announced as the Spider-Man love interest that will call Peter Parker “Tiger” for the next couple of Spider-Man movies.

With this casting has come the ignorant yet expected backlash of the famous red haired character, who is going to be played by a culturally different actress.

While many are obviously against Zendaya being the new Mary Jane Watson, there are several reasons as to why this casting choice makes perfect sense.

Her Looks:

Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

Mary Jane is most importantly supposed to be the pretty girl who Spider-Man would willingly give his life for and nerd out over in his Peter Parker ways.

While Zendaya is obviously from a African American background, so is this new and diverse Spider-Man: Homecoming cast that is finally giving us a realistic depiction of Queens, New York (where Spider-Man is actually from).

Zendaya absolutely has the looks for Mary Jane Watson and can even carry her red hair better than anyone to play the love interest role before her.

Did I mention Kirsten Dunst wasn’t even a true red-head? ( take a peak at her Wikipedia page )

The Casting:

Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

As I just mentioned in my previous point, Mary Jane Watson is suppose to be that girl Peter Parker crushes on, and gets called “Tiger” by.

With the first Spider-Man movie to actually depict Queens in a realistic manner, it is only right to finally cast the actors and actresses as ethnically diverse as possible.

If Marvel is really about diversity and evolution for the better in their films, Spider-Man: Homecoming is the perfect place to begin.

Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

With the likes of Donald Glover ( Childish Gambino ), Hannibal Buress , Tony Revolori and others, it is about time Marvel got it right and made Spider-Man actually seem like it’s taking place in Queens, New York.

While Zendaya is obviously a young actress with many talents to hone, I am confident and ready to see Zendaya play the red haired love interest and so is the Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn.

Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

How do you feel about the outrage over Zendaya being cast as Spider-Man’s Mary Jane Watson ?



One thought on “Why Zendaya As Mary Jane Is For The Best

  1. The title is borderline clickbaity with the use of “for the best”. The whole argument is just ” she’s hot enough”, and “hey diversity is good, and this is queens (ignoring the simple fact that the film could just have people other than MJ be cast as racial minorities to show how diverse queens is, if that’s really needed), and barely (if at all) addresses the points other are raising.

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