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Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ Trailer Looks About Right

Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' Trailer Looks About Right

Thats right folks, the ideal show about Atlanta is here and it is starring the perfect person for the show.

Donald Glover aka “Childish Gambino” is not only an Atlanta native, but a successful rapper who is also the creator, writer, and executive producer, of the soon to release ‘FX’ series.

‘Atlanta’ circles around two cousins played by Donald Glover and Bryan Tyree Henry, who are just trying to make it in the rap game, while living their “Atlanta” lives.

Watch Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ trailer below:

From the music, to the general tone and plot of the series, Donald Glover’s Atlanta couldn’t look more realistic .

Yes everyone in Atlanta wants to be a rapper, and yes we have nice parks and kind of dress like that, too.

Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' Trailer Looks About Right

Being an Atlanta native myself, I already get excited enough seeing the latest blockbuster filmed on my street, so I could not be more ready to see Donald Glover’s (hopefully) hit show filmed where I like to eat, sleep and hang out.

Since Donald Glover is also an Atlanta native, it will be interesting to watch him basically play a role that is like rewinding his life from the start ( growing up being a successful rapper and all ).

Tune in September 6th for Atlanta natives most anticipated show, and comment and/or share if you too live in the “A” .


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