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The Luke Cage Trailer Debut’s With Style

Marvel is back at it again with it’s highly addicting and binge watch inducing tv shows.

First Daredevil shocked audiences with it’s gritty and realistic style of martial arts, while Jessica Jones came in and changed the game with its feminist centric and strong elements.

Now it’s time for Mike Colter to shine as he was only slightly featured in the Jessica Jones Netflix series.

Check out the Luke Cage trailer that shines and rhymes with it’s music and cinematic style:

The man with the unbreakable skin is back at it again as he makes his hood a better place in New York. The style of this show looks to be un-paralled as this black TV show gets a different spin than we are used to.

Instead of the typical story of some guy in the hood, this comic story will probably show us something we haven’t quite seen in this setting.

At first glimpse this trailer gives a reminiscense of something like The Wire but of course with less realistic elements.

Luke Cage Trailer
Mike Colter being well um. . . un breakable .

While the elements may not be full of realism, it seems Luke Cage will still continue to bring the down to earth and realistic style that it’s other Marvel Netflix series have brought.

Everyones favorite Claire Temple is set to return as Rosario Dawson continues to be everyones helper in the Marvel Netflix series universe.

Look for Mike Colter to bring the pain in his new Netflix series that is sure to be as gritty and hardcore as it gets.

Are you ready to binge watch Luke Cage September 30th and dismantle your sleep schedule?

I know I am !

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