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Suicide Squad Review: Forget The Critics

The time has come, and the most anticipated movie of the year has arrived with it’s fair share of controversy.

Critics have compared Suicide Squad to “the worst of the worst” and I don’t mean that in Amanda Waller’s movie dialogue. Other critics like Devin Faraci gave Suicide Squad a “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while confusing viewers even more with his back-handed compliments .

So with all these mixed reviews, what can you actually expect going into this seemingly awesome film, that is also critically hated?

See for yourself in our Suicide Squad review below:

This post is very spoiler free!

Suicide Squad Review: Forget The Critics

Lets begin:

The movie has it’s flaws, as you probably already knew from the many Suicide Squad reviews posted online. The main flaw of Suicide Squad is not it’s potential of over loading characters, but it’s overly jumbled and under-developed plot.

If you look at your average critic review, you will be bombarded with bashings of character development, plot details and the movies pacing through out.

While all this is true to an extent, characters are not blame at all, as the characters were actually the saviors of the entire movie.

Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto were the big stand outs, while the other characters were just as intriguing to watch. Karen Fukuhara’s “Katana” was also surprisingly exciting, as I hope to see more of her.


The most surprising of the stand outs were Will Smith (who actually played possibly my favorite role of his all time) and Jared Leto, who played an excellent Joker and a new type of Joker that brought some realism to the character.

Will Smith was a perfect mixture of bad ass, bad person, but human being at the same time. While Jared Leto was a new and realistic type of Joker that really gave off a modern vibe, with a bit of a Cartel or Mobb boss touch.

Harley Quinn was perfect as well, but that was no surprise, as Margot Robbie seemed like the perfect Harley Quinn from the casting alone.

Suicide Squad Review: Forget The Critics

The Joker and Harley scenes were perfectly chaotic as I found myself getting into their couple scenes that they queued with the perfect music.

Their scenes were so good, that I literally cannot stop playing Kehlani’s “Gangsta” as I write this post ( this is the song that queued for one of their scenes).

In the contrary, one of the many complaints critics cited was the loud obnoxious music, which I still don’t understand because I found the music excellently well placed. The soundtrack alone is one of the best movie soundtracks ever, and even some of my personal favorite songs are on the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

Batman was actually more Batman in this movie than he was in Batman V. Superman  and I loved seeing his scenes that showed the Bruce Wayne post ‘BVS’.

Suicide Squad Review: Forget The Critics

Critics also complained about flash back scenes, which I totally did not understand because I felt those scenes were well warranted and even some of the best parts of the movie.

Suicide Squad got me “in the feels” as there were several moments I literally was giggling like a little girl with in fan boy excitement. Those moments meant a lot as the acting was so good it really felt as if you were seeing your favorite comic characters in real life.

So lets get down to the bottom line of Suicide Squad. . .

Suicide Squad Review: Forget The Critics

The Beautiful :

The extraordinary performances of this all star cast and the excitement and emotion each of these comic characters brought. The cast absolutely carried this film as these may go down as some of your favorite characters of all time.

The Ugly:

The in-adequet plot line and writing that seems like it could have used a more solid foundation and an even slower build up . This writing is what kept the movie from being an absolute masterpiece and my favorite superhero movie of all time.

The Bottom Line:

Go see this movie, and forget about the critics. If you are a fan of anything DC, this movie is absolutely for you. You will not only get a chance to see some of the best and most interesting performances these actors have ever given, but you will get to see your favorite comic characters in real life.

While this movie has it’s flaws, that you can see of it’s many negative reviews, Suicide Squad is not something to miss out on, due to the over exaggerated criticism this movie received .

P.S. I am going to miss Suicide Squad and sincerely hope we get to see more of these beloved characters that I could just not get enough of.

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Suicide Squad Review

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