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Ben Affleck’s The Accountant Trailer 2 Looks Even Better

We got our first glimpse of the un-suspected movie in May, and now we are blessed with even more of the beautifully scored and mysteriously clever The Accountant trailer .

When I first heard that they were filming Ben Affleck’s The Accountant in  Atlanta, I thought for sure this movie would be a boring legal drama.

I was completely wrong, as the first trailer showed me action and a intriguing storyline like no other. From the score of Radiohead, to the way this movie is cut and keeps us completely in the dark, I cannot wait to see Ben Affleck’s The Accountant.

Watch The Accountant Trailer 2 Here:

We finally get to see more of Anna Kendrick’s character, who seems like she will be playing the “damsel in distress” that Ben Affleck may or may not have to give his life for in the end of the film.

J.K. Simmons is obviously in the perfect role, as he tries to hunt down this anti hero or hero, that Ben Affleck is playing ( who coincidently enough gives off a character vibe similar Batman ).

Ben Affleck's The Accountant Trailer 2 Looks Even Better

We finally get to see Jon Bernthal in the movie, as he is taking on one of his more typical roles, playing “The Assassin” ( who I am assuming is a pretty bad guy ).

Ben Affleck comes off as an alternate universe Bruce Wayne, mixed with a bit of a Good Will Hunting savant, so yes that combination alone has me beyond sold for the new film.

By the way, the song in the trailer is called ‘Everything is in the right place’, by Radiohead ( be prepared to have it on repeat all day ) .

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