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Wonder Woman Is The Next ‘Thor’ & ‘First Avenger’ But Even Better

The Amazon warrior is headed for your theater as Gal Gadot continues to show us why she is the perfect choice for Diana Prince.

As the first Wonder Woman trailer debuted, it gave us a real visual of why the movie will be so great, and even surpass it’s comparable movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Watch the Wonder Woman trailer, before you see why Wonder Woman is the next Thor & First Avenger- BUT EVEN BETTER :

After watching this trailer, you will notice a perfect spectacle of serious action, mixed with the tone of a edgy Greek war movie.  While sense of humor is what Marvel is known for, Wonder Woman will be much better than the Marvel movies it compares to, as the trailer debuts a perfect mix of comic relief.

Wonder Woman Is The Next 'Thor' & 'First Avenger' But Even Better

To begin, Wonder Woman also takes place as an origin story that follows closely to the events and war scenery that The First Avenger did. While Wonder Woman fights with ancient weaponry and is also crafted by the Gods ( more or less ) , both her and Thor ride in to battle with an ancient fashion related to Greek mythology.

Wonder Woman - Thor - The First Avenger

While Thor and The First Avenger, are classic in their original storytelling, Wonder Woman looks as if it will give off the same type of vibe that Russell Crowe’s acclaimed Gladiator movie did. That being said, Wonder Woman will make DC comic movies the right way, as it mixes edginess with the concept of this still being a superhero movie.

Wonder Woman - Thor - The First Avenger

DC comics may well be criticized for it’s lack of fun, but from the Wonder Woman trailer alone, you have more fun watching than the first couple Thor movies and The First Avenger. Don’t get me wrong, Marvel’s early phased movies were cool , but the action in this new trailer alone is purely un-paralled.

Wonder Woman - Thor - The First Avenger

The ancient tone of the dialogue, to the Amazon’s being the warriors we know them as, is truly a comic to movie adaption.

The trailer captures the true warrior we want to see in Gal Gadot, as chills still go up my spine watching the trailer for the fifth time.

As stated before,Wonder Woman blew past my expectations as the trailer looks beyond anything Thor or first Captain America movie had to offer.

Wonder Woman - Thor - The First Avenger

I cannot wait to see this movie and hope Gal Gadot takes the theaters by storm as she debuts what may be the most important DCEU movie in history.

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