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Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC

The first Wonder Woman trailer has arrived and it may be the best thing the DCEU ( DC Extended Universe ) has debuted yet.

Gal Gadot has gone from a small role in Fast 6, to starring in what may be the best DCEU movie we have seen yet.

Check out the Wonder Woman trailer that stole SDCC ( San Diego Comic Con ) below:

This trailer absolutely blew through my expectations, as I had no idea a film about Wonder Woman could look so exciting. This is not to say I thought a Wonder Woman movie wouldn’t be a good idea ( because I did ) , but it is to say that I don’t think I have seen a superhero trailer this good since the debut of Suicide Squad.

Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
Gal Gadot stunning as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot (as we saw in Batman V. Superman) looks absolutely stunning as Wonder Woman, but seeing her in more action and dialogue dials this  Wonder Woman even higher.

The trailer gave off a perfect tone of serious ancient war ( like a Gladiator or 300 film ), while keeping it in the bounds of Diana Prince the super-heroine.

Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
Diana Prince using her famous lasso

The Wonder Woman trailer was mixed perfectly with exciting action sequences, and the superhero comic version of Wonder Woman we all adore. Not only did Wonder Woman stun in her first trailer debut, but the supporting cast stole the show as well.

To start, Chris Pine’s character is going to be much more than a typical love interest, as Steve Trevor portrays an important U.S. intelligence officer. While his character looks to support and be a large part of Wonder Woman’s story, it also appears he may add much of the necessary comic relief and seriousness this film looks to portray.

Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

While many DC comic fans are upset Chris Pine did not take on the role of Hal Jordan, I personally think he is beyond a perfect choice for the love interest of Wonder Woman.

Beyond Wonder Woman being the bad ass warrior we all know, who knew her supporting cast of Amazonian warriors would be just as stunning and hardcore in their own screen debuts?

Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
The Amazonian warriors riding off into battle

Those battle sequences with them riding on horses into the fire was beyond intense and shall absolutely send chills up your spine as we get to watch the entire scene. I absolutely loved the ancient greek vibe given off, by the characters while speaking as well as the tone during the battle scenes.

Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
Robin Wright as General Antiope
Wonder Woman Trailer Steals The Show At SDCC
A glimpse at some of the best action we may ever see in a superhero film

If this movie is even close to as good as this first trailer was, then look for Wonder Woman to not only be the best Wonder Woman movie we could ever imagine, but also one of the top DC comic films ever created.

Did you feel this Wonder Woman trailer was as perfect a I did?


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