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Pokemon Go Level 30 – Here’s What It’s Like :

Here Is What Happens At Pokemon Go Level 30


For those who don’t live under a rock, Pokemon Go is the latest phenomenon that is taking over smart phones nation-wide.

As you go to a popular park or high populous area, you are likely to encounter large groups of people who suddenly seem extremely interested in walking around while using their cell phone as a guide.

This is because Pokemon Go is not only the most downloaded mobile game in United States history, but it is also a game that works off of ones GPS system in order to find Pokemon.

As you find Pokemon, you earn points and power them up while training them to their max skill. As you interact with the game more, your Pokemon trainer character also earns experience points and levels up.

While personally I have played the game almost everyday, I have only reached a measly level 16.

As you go up in Pokemon trainer levels, the Pokemon you run into are not only much more powerful, but they are also more rare as you earn more experience points.

So what is it like to reach a super high level while playing Pokemon Go?

Sam Haysom from Mashable was able to capture exactly that, as he acquired screen grabs and information from a Pokemon Go player who has already reached level 30.

Check out a couple of screen grabs from Verigood on Reddit:

As you reach level 30, you not only get a surplus of everything you already have, but you also receive gadgets and perks you probably have not seen yet on your Pokemon Go.

As a Pokemon Go user myself, I was very curious to see what someone’s Pokemon CP’s are at when you reach such a high level. Luckily Verigood was able to disclose that as well as he posted his leveled up Pokemon collection:

It seems as if his entire set of Pokemon are higher CP than my most powerful pocket monsters.

According to Verigood, to reach level 30 from level 29, you need a whopping 350,000 XP ( experience points ).

This number only gets harder to raise as you will need 500,000 more XP to reach level 31 from level 30.

For those of you like me who get extremely frustrated as Pokemon become  harder to catch as your XP raises, it appears things will not get much better as Verigood stated you will be using multiple Pokeballs on the regular Pokemon you run into:

While he did state, that it is no longer too hard to capture Pokemon, perhaps his obsessive playing of the game has given him a tolerance for the pokeball evading pocket monsters.

Can you imagine the lock down on PokeGyms this guy has with that type of average CP?

With all of that being said, it is now apparent that most users are no where close to their Pokemon Go game ceiling, as it appears there are millions of experience points to be gained, as well as many more pocket monsters to collect.

So get out there and catch them all!

What level are you at in Pokemon Go?


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