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Bleed For This Trailer: Miles Teller Looks Oscar Worthy

Check Out Miles Teller in the New Bleed For This Trailer

Bleed For This Trailer

Hollywood seems to never have a short of it’s boxing movies, as last years “Rocky” spin-off ‘Creed’ wowed audiences across the globe.

It appears fans are in for another great boxing movie, as Miles Teller takes on the next major boxing installment, as Vinny Pazienza.

Vinny Pazienza or “Vinny Paz” held the world title in three different weight classes as he impressed audiences with his impressive streak of knockout wins.

Watch the official Bleed For This trailer and tell me that chills don’t go up your spine:

As if the story itself isn’t riveting and inspiring enough, Miles Teller’s performance in the trailer alone appears to be something out of the “nominate me for an Oscar” blue print .

Miles Teller acts in a way that we haven’t seen him do before, as he looks, feels, and sounds like an entirely new person. Miles Teller is also joined by Aaron Eckhart, who is playing Kevin Rooney, Vinny Paz’s close friend and boxing trainer.

While Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart’s performances look Oscar worthy, Martin Scorsese is also an executive producer on the boxing biopic, as being nominated for, and winning Oscar’s is no new place for the talented movie pioneer.

Bleed For This Trailer

While this movie appears that it will make you cry, be ready for what may be a flurry of chills, excitement and joy, as Miles Teller honors his performance of Vinny Paz.

Catch ‘Bleed For This’ in theaters November 4th, as we watch Miles Teller overcome the obstacles and kick ass.

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