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Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !

Check Out This Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Trailer !

With Spider-Man’s shocking debut in Captain America: Civil War ( after a surprising Marvel and Sony studios collaboration deal ) the web-slinger has had quite a past year as a surprising new video game trailer debuted at E3.

Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !

Did anyone see this coming? Maybe, but I certainly didn’t ( and I make sure I follow all the top superhero entertainment sources ). Perhaps what is most awesome about this, is not just the new trailer it’s self , but how shocking this games existence even is. With the last legitimate Spider-Man game probably being on the Playstation 2, seeing this trailer in Playstation 4 format is not only amazing but nostalgically jaw -dropping.

Oh how I remember coming home from school and playing my Spider-Man game on playstation 2 ( I think at about age 13 or younger ). While I know there have been other Spider-Man games on the Playstation 3 and 4 , the original on the Playstation and Playstation 2 are the most nostalgic for a millennial such as myself.

Anyway, absolutely enjoy this nostalgic Spider-Man PS4 trailer via Marvel Entertainment :

While I mentioned earlier that Spider-Man has had quite the year, starting with his debut in Captain America: Civil War, unlike Civil War this Peter Parker will be a much more experienced web-slinger and will probably have a unique comic-referenced story of his own.

It appears Marvel and Insomniac Games have partnered to make a video game franchise that can hold it’s own like the franchise of the Rocksteady and DC comics, Batman: Arkham video games.


The Suit & Web-Slinging:

So what do you think of that new suit? Perhaps the suits are customizable as Peter Parker has obviously had a variety of attire in the comics. Also it appears the choreography of the web slinging and even the fighting will be on a level we have never seen in a Spider-Man video game before ( which is well expected since this is probably the first legit Spider-Man game in years ).

Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !


The Plot:

While obviously we have been given no real plot yet ( since this is just an E3 announcement trailer ) I am going to assume with the legitimacy of this games production that the plot will feature many if not all of Spider-Man’s iconic villains.

What major adversaries would you like to see the most!?

Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !

The Graphics & Game Play

Did I mention the graphics? As expected, a new Spider-Man game on Playstation 4 format should have top notch graphics ( as these will obviously be the best graphics for a Spider-Man game yet ) .

Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !


Also to note, with the ever growing expansion of an “open-world” format in the video game movement, it wouldn’t be too wild to conclude this game has some sort of open-world ( as from what I remember the older games had some sort of minor one. ) Perhaps you can really get into the fine views of web-slinging and enjoy Spider-Man on the Playstation 4 with multiple layers to the fun.

Spider-Man PS4 E3 Trailer Shocks Fans !

What are your thoughts on the new Spider-Man trailer? What type of gameplay and/or plot do you think this new Spider-Man PS4 video game will have? 

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