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24 Legacy: Jack Bauer Could Return

Great News ’24’ Fans, Jack Bauer Could Return to 24:Legacy ( eventually )

24 Legacy: Jack Bauer Could Return

According to a recent interview with  ‘24:Legacy‘, executive producer Howard Gordon, ’24’ fans may get their favorite hero back as Howard Gordon discussed to Deadline the possibility of Kiefer Sutherland returning to 24:Legacy as Jack Bauer.

24:Legacy stars Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins, who is a retired war hero trying to stop another terrorist attack on American soil ( as he works with CTU ). While many fans are happy with the new premise of 24:Legacy, many are not, as it had been stated that Jack Bauer would not return to the show he was once the center of.

24 Legacy: Jack Bauer Could Return

However, ’24’ fans may not want to shun 24:Legacy as of yet, as 24: Legacy’s executive producer stated via Deadline,

“I do think the character has life in him, whether it’s a movie or if he intersects with this new iteration of 24, [Legacy]. . .I sure would love to see him at some point on the show, and I don’t think he’s ruled it out, either.”

The “he” Howard Gordon is referring to is Kiefer Sutherland who is also an executive producer on 24:Legacy and is currently starring in his own government role as the president in new TV show ‘Designated Survivor‘.

It is also rumored via Deadline that there is a potential story arc of the second part of 24:Legacy that could include Kiefer Sutherland returning to the show, however their is no confirmation as of yet, due to the fact the first part of 24:Legacy has not been debuted ( as any second season of the show would depend on the first half’s success ).

24 Legacy: Jack Bauer Could Return

That being said, fans may not want to skip out on 24:Legacy, as it seems Jack Bauer is still out their in the 24 universe and could possibly come back in the shows future.

How badly do you want to see Jack Bauer return to 24? Would even a limited role on the show make you happy to see Jack again?


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