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Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Looks Awesome

The New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Looks Amazing !

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Looks Awesome


‘Watch Dogs’ which released in 2014, and starred the main protagonist “Aiden Pearce”, was acclaimed for it’s storyline and future technology depiction . While many complained over the games graphics and other things they felt it lacked, Ubisoft has promised to make Watch Dogs 2 a major improvement to the modern day hacker action game .

Not only does the Watch Dogs 2 Trailer look awesome, but the graphics are mind boggling ( make sure it is set on HD), as the graphics are literally as good as the CGI they use in modern day theaters.

Check out the new Watch Dogs 2 trailer below:


To start, this trailer seems to depict the city of San Francisco as realistically as any video game ever has. From the clothes, to the way a millennial would hop a fence, it seems like this game has dedicated some serious time in making the music, the people, and vibes as modern day as possible.

Listen to the music, do you see those skinny jeans? These people look like they could be my friends in college ( not that I’m into all that hacking and crime stuff ) .


New Character:

While many fans will miss the dark yet lovable Aiden Pearce ( who starred in the first Watch Dogs ) I am completely on board with this new hip(ster) character who literally looks like half the millennial population in major cities. His character not only looks cool, but he is also a minority, which is an even cooler factor that I’m sure some weirdos will complain about and call ( liberal propaganda ).

Apparently the new characters name is “Marcus”, and rumors suggest he may be related to Damon who was one of the main antagonists and Aiden Pearce’s ex “business partner” in the first game.

Take a look at Marcus in this new video introduction:

Via Ubisoft:

He looks cool to me (like I think I would actually be his friend in real life).


What is even more interesting is how much this game seems to look like the storyline of the TV show Mr.Robot ( you know about the group of hipster hackers who take down the corrupt government ?). It appears the whole ‘Anonymous’ ( a real group of hackers ) thing has really made it’s way to cinema. It also looks like the hacker group ‘DeadSec’ will actually be your employers this time as before DeadSec was just more hacker competition to the main protagonist Aiden Pearce ( even though he sometimes collaborated with a member or two ).

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Looks Awesome

Living in a city myself, I cannot wait to enter into the DeadSec infiltrated San Francisco, with the new and upcoming Watch Dogs 2. Get the game  November 15th .

What are your thoughts on the Watch Dogs 2 trailer? Would you like to see Aiden Pearce return for the new story? 
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