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Suicide Squad TV Spot Shows More Footage

Check out the brand new Suicide Squad TV Spot with a little extra footage !

Suicide Squad TV Spot Shows More Footage

Suicide Squad has done an excellent job of promoting it’s highly anticipated super-villain team up movie , which is set to hit theaters August 5th. While many fans were upset about how much movies like Batman V. Superman showed in their trailers, Suicide Squad has managed to show us great action and comedy while keeping us in the dark about the actual plot.

Since Suicide Squad is so close to it’s release, it has just begun it’s TV spots which are basically it’s mini-commercials that sometimes show a little extra footage.

Check out this new Suicide Squad TV spot that premiered during the NBA finals game 3:

As you can see from the new Suicide Squad TV spot, we get a little extra¬†footage from The Joker, Will Smith’s Deadshot and the beloved Harley Quinn.

Hopefully Suicide Squad continues to do good advertising without showing too much in their promos. Speaking of cool promotions, don’t¬†forget to order your Suicide Squad 16 month calendar.

Suicide Squad TV Spot Shows More Footage

How hyped are you for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie?


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