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New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge

Check Out The New Suicide Squad Pictures and What People Are Saying About The Joker

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge

‘Suicide Squad’ which debuts in theaters August 5th, continues to release “skwad” photos as fans highly anticipate the new DC Extended Universe movie.

While Suicide Squad has continued to release new pictures of it’s highly unique characters, it still has yet to release too much or stuff that we haven’t already seen in the trailer. One of the main complaints of Batman V Superman was that the trailers showed too much ( which they practically did show the basis of each action sequence )

Check out some of the new Suicide Squad pictures below :

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge
Will Smith’s “Deadshot” Next to Jay Hernandez’s “El Diablo”

We still have no idea who Scott Eastwood’s character is going to portray. Also it seems highly plausible that Deadshot and El Diablo have some type of tough yet brotherly love relationship ( based off the trailers and this picture )

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge
A Still Shot Of Harley Quinn Being All Acrobatic And Stuff

This is what I feel like doing when someone says they don’t like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. This is also another great shot that doesn’t spoil anything new for the movie ( all hail David Ayer ).

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge
What Looks Like The Continuation of a Long Deadshot and Rick Flag Disagreement.

I wonder how much Rick Flag and Deadshot will beef in this movie ? Perhaps more than Deadshot and Captain Boomerang ( in the comics ) beef or argue over who has the best accuracy in their craft ?

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge
Cara Delevingne dressed to impress as a the Witch ” Enchantress”

Cara Delevingne as Enchantress. While it is rumored she is part of the “squad’s” problem, we still don’t know for sure what her role will be as in many scenes she seems awfully close to Joel Kinnaman’s, “Rick Flag”.

New Suicide Squad Pictures Emerge
The Joker with Jared Leto’s 30 Second’s to Mars Tattoo.

Now this picture left many confused. The Joker’s face does seem to look a bit different ( but not in a bad way ), however what really confused the comic specialists out there, is the missing teeth or smile tattoo through the Joker’s right sleeve.


  • The tattoo of the “smile” is done through CGI or movie editing.
  • This photo is part of the Skrillex and Rick Ross ‘Suicide Squad’ music video which will actually feature Jared Leto as The Joker.

Either way I think comic fans are freaking out way too much over a missing tattoo.

Which characters are you looking forward to seeing the most in Suicide Squad ( besides the obvious Joker and Harley Quinn )? 


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