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Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Wednesday & New Main Character Revealed?

The Watch Dogs 2 trailer Wednesday & check out every leak about the game so far ( including the new character details )

 Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Wednesday & New Main Character Revealed?

‘Watch Dogs’ which had its very successful Ubisoft release in 2014, had it’s fans itching for a sequel to come to life after their fun as main protagonist Aiden Pearce. While the official trailer has not been released yet, Ubisoft released a short trailer teaser that has an official countdown for when the new Watch Dogs 2 trailer will commence.

Not only that, it appears the new setting and character for the Watch Dogs 2 game may have been revealed as well. While Watch Dogs originally starred a vigilante hacker known as Aiden Pearce, it appears a new hacker ( perhaps of different ethnicity ) has been revealed to be the main character you will play as in the upcoming Watch Dogs 2.

If you want to see who the new Watch Dogs character has been rumored to be ( as it’s not Aiden Pearce ), Check out the exclusive video below via UbiCentral:

While personally I loved the edgy, raspy voiced character of Aiden Pearce, I am just as excited to see how this new character for Watch Dogs 2 will be. As you can see from the video, the game is to take place in San Francisco which is roughly the same size as the Chicago location that Aiden Pearce roamed in the original game.

Release Date:

While there has been no official reveal of when Ubisoft’s new game will come out, according to a accidental ad posted by IGN ( that has since been taken down ) the game is aimed to release on November 15th, of this year.

Check out a screen shot of the removed ad below:

 Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Wednesday & New Main Character Revealed?

While the ad slip-up could obviously be a wrong date all together, fans can only hope the date is true, as we have waited nearly two years for the new Watch Dogs to come out.

Update: ( new character name and father revealed ? )

While it cannot be confirmed who the new character in Watch Dogs 2 will be related to, it does seem confirmed that the first name of the character has been revealed as “Marcus”.

Check out this very new and exclusive video via UbiCentral that discusses the characters origin and name:

What are your thoughts on the potential new Watch Dogs character? Would you like to see Aiden Pearce or others from the original game come back for the sequel ?

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