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How ‘The Night Manager’ Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond

The Night Manager and James Bond Have So Much in Common, See The Many Ways in Which the Show Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond

How 'The Night Manager' Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond

‘The Night Manager’  is a mini-series that stars Tom Hiddleston and it is more than just another crime drama. It is a show that literally could be a prequel to a Tom Hiddleston James Bond.

Recent reports have suggested that Tom Hiddleston is part of a short list for becoming the next 007, however the role has yet to be confirmed after reports of Daniel Craig leaving the role have become more and more un-certain.

How 'The Night Manager' Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond
A photo shopped picture of Tom Hiddleston as James Bond

We have decided to compile a list of the many ways in which Tom Hiddleston’s character “Jonathan Pine” is just like James Bond as well as how ‘The Night Manager’ could be an actual James Bond prequel .

The following list will contain mild spoilers pertaining to ‘The Night Manager’ so proceed with caution:

How The Night Manager Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston as James Bond:

Jonathan Pine ( Tom Hiddleston’s character ):

Tom Hiddleston’s character himself sports the British accent and charming playboy vibe as he repeatedly is wanted and loved by everyone ( except the antagonists ) and steals all the women ( just like James Bond would ).

Pine is also recruited by MI6 ( Who James Bond works for ) to take down a traditional rich villain known as Richard Roper. Did I mention Jonathan Pine also has extensive military training and some other James Bond super-spy type of skills?

The U.K. :

The series takes place with a predominantly british cast, as the entire show has actors with U.K. accents, as well as a large part of the series being filmed in London and/or surrounding areas. If the current scene isn’t shown in London, then it is because the characters are currently in some exotic location, mansion or hotel suite that seems quite similar to a traditional James Bond setting.

How 'The Night Manager' Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond


MI6 is the The British Intelligence agency that James Bond works for, it is also who Tom Hiddleston’s character Jonathan Pine is working for. Jonathan Pine is recruited by an MI6 operative who interestingly enough even resembles the infamous “M” character who is James Bond’s MI6 boss. Both characters are lovable yet tough , older women with a British accent. ( How coincidental is that ) Check the general character resemblance below:

Programme Name: The Night Manager - TX: n/a - Episode: The Night Manager (No. Ep 1) - Picture Shows: Burr (OLIVIA COLMAN) - (C) The Ink Factory - Photographer: Des Willie
MI6 Operative Angela Burr
How 'The Night Manager' Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond
Classic “M” James Bond’s MI6 boss.

The Women:

Tom Hiddleston’s character “Jonathan Pine” is a ladies man. From the beginning of the series he is sleeping with beautiful woman ( who are often not even single ) as he is either in the middle of saving them or getting them into even greater danger ( and then needing to go save them ). Doesn’t that sound quite James Bond-ish? He decides to sleep with these women despite how dangerous it could be to his current mission  ( Just like James Bond would do ).

Bad Guys:

How could we leave the villains out? The antagonists on this show are not only classic rich and powerful villains, but they are cunning in their philosophical and poetic ways of being evil. Characters such as “Corky” played by Tom Hollander and main villain Richard Roper played by Hugh Laurie, use poetically sociopathic dialogue when discussing their evil plans and/or evil deeds ( the British accent makes it even more edgy ).

Did I mention Tom Hiddleston’s character also tries to sleep ( and does ) with these villains mistresses?

How 'The Night Manager' Pre-Shows Tom Hiddleston As James Bond

Whether or not you want Tom Hiddleston as the next James Bond, to watch The Night Manager is to watch a James Bond prequel to a potential Tom Hiddleston 007.  I am also pretty sure they could make “The Night Manager” a prequel to Tom Hiddleston’s first James Bond if they really wanted to.

Coincidently enough, not only has Tom Hiddleston been rumored to be in top running for becoming the next James Bond but ‘The Night Manager’ director Susanne Bier has also been rumored to be the new James Bond director , Via The Guardian.

After seeing ‘The Night Manager’ are you more open to having Tom Hiddleston become the next James Bond?


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