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Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review !

                    Enjoy This Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review 

Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review

Just saw Captain America: Civil War, and I am satisfied. I did not say “I am completely satisfied” because there was one thing missing that could have locked it into the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie of all time.

To start, the directors did a good job at making a movie work with so many different stars and heroes. Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther was on point and even more so with his accent . Bucky Barnes ( The Winter Soldier ) was a great add, as well as seeing this different side of him, while Hawkeye and Falcon upgraded their coolness to a whole new level.

Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review

Spider-Man was great, it took some getting used to him and his “unusually attractive” Aunt May being so young, but it brought something new to a superhero that has been done so many times. ( this is probably what Marvel was trying to go for )

Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Free Review
“Underoos “

The darkness of the film was good, as well as the depth. I felt the movie could have added just a little bit more grit or “edge” to it in order to make it perfect ( as I felt that was the only thing that was missing ).

There were so many Easter Eggs and future set ups that this movie dropped, as it truly did well mixing dozens of different characters. Seeing this side of Tony Stark was well done, as it captured him unlike we have seen before. Captain America, was also captured in a different light and really made this movie his.

I thought everything was well-done and each and every character was given a chance to shine as I felt Hawkeye and Falcon lacked in that area in the previous films.

Captain America: Civil War is at worst a top two Marvel film, and scores a high 8.8/10 for me.

P.S. Keep them coming Marvel, it was LIT !

Make sure to stay for TWO post credit scenes . Also I am happy I was #TeamCap .

P.S.S. The film felt like a real life comic on screen as it featured so many heroes so beautifully  !

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