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Happy Birthday Dwayne Johnson ! What Are Your Favorite Upcoming and Past Roles of His ?


Dwayne Johnson one of the most iconic stars in Hollywood, has turned 44 today.

What are some of your favorite past and upcoming roles of his?

Here is a list of some of ours :


Pain and Gain:


Dwayne Johnson plays a “saved” roid-head body-builder who took on the psychotic and comedic role of Paul Doyle. Starring alongside the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie as they make the true and twisted story of the body builder ‘Sun Gym Gang’ come to life.

‘Fast’ 5,6,7 ( and soon ) 8:


Dwayne Johnson took on the now iconic role of Hobbs for the first time in 2011’s Fast FiveĀ and continued working alongside the crew of Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Ludacris for the next couple of films. Catch the “bad-assery” of Hobbs in the upcoming ‘Fast 8‘ set to be released April 14th, 2017.

Gridiron Gang:


Going back to some of first starring roles, Dwayne Johnson starred alongside Xzibit in the football drama Gridiron Gang, in which he played Sean Porter, a counselor at a juvenile Detention Center who hopes to turn the lives of some of the kids around by putting together and coaching a football team.


Shazam! ( possible title )

Dwayne Johnson sports a Black Adam shirt as he hosts the MTV Movie Awards alongside Kevin Hart.

Our personal favorite and set to be released as a part of the DCEU ( DC Comics Extended Universe ), Dwayne Johnson has already been chosen to play Black Adam as the main adversary to superhero Shazam. This movie is not scheduled to be released until 2019, but why not already cast the guy who has the build of a real life “super-badass”.

Central Intelligence:


Central Intelligence, which is coming soon this summer is set to star Dwayne Johnson alongside Kevin Hart, in a CIA action comedy. Will Bob Stone be more “bad-ass” or funny?



Set to be a continuation and re-boot of the next generation of California life guards, is set to be released May 19th, 2017. This time the crew will be set in movie format and is rumored to feature some of the original “bay-watchers” such as Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. Dwayne Johnson will starĀ alongside Zac Efron and others.

Other notable mentions:

Moana ( an animation film in which Dwayne Johnson will be voicing “Maui”) November 23rd 2016.

Jumanji: which is set to be a reboot starring Kevin Hart and Tom Holland ( currently in pre-production )

TV Series ‘Ballers’ ( season 2), which is set to release July 17th.


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