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Sense 8 Actor Aml Ameen Replaced By Toby Onwumere for Season 2


Aml Ameen who took on the popular character of Cepheus “Van Damme” in season one of Netflix’s ‘Sense 8’ will no longer be working on the show.


Rumors suggest that there were serious disagreements between Ameen and director Lana Wachowski ( specifically during the table read in Berlin)

It is said the relationship nothing but worsened as the shooting moved to India and later led to the character of Cepheus being re-casted entirely. Toby Onwumere is a recent UC San Diego MFA acting graduate and seems to at least carry some of the looks of Aml Ameen.


Will the ‘Sense 8’ directors handle this re-casting by simply ignoring that Cepheus looks and perhaps sounds somewhat different than the original character? Or will they pull a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-air’ and pull a fourth wall break in order to introduce the different looking character ?

Either way, huge ‘Sense 8’ fans like myself just want to watch season 2, as it hasn’t even been announced as to when the new season will release. However there has been speculation the new season will debut sometime in the later half of 2016.

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