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‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Appears at CinemaCon

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Today at Cinema Con, the cast of Suicide Squad showed up to promote their highly anticipated movie set to release on August 5th.

They got a lot of cool interviews in as well as some nice pictures ( checkout below )

The interview quotes are according to @Erikdavis on twitter ( who was able to get up-close and personal with the stars)


Will Smith who will be portraying “Deadshot” stated, “The Bat does cross my path. . . and it’s not pleasant .” ( Referring to Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck who will also have part in this movie .)


Margot Robbie, portraying the beloved Harley Quinn stated, ” she kicks so much ass in Suicide Squad and is in NO way done playing Harley Quinn.”


Jared Leto who will be taking on the iconic role of The Joker, stated “It’s crazy & challenging & insane… it’s kind of like f**king.”  ( maybe he’s still in character on this one lol )

Giving us a sneak peak of the tattoo’s the “Skwad” gave each other on set , Karen Fukuhara aka “Katana” shows us where she got her’s. .



I’ve never felt more good about a movie I haven’t seen yet before.


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