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David Ayer Calls ‘Suicide Squad’ “Reshoots for Humor” Silly

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Late last night we got a preview of what seems to be the best Suicide Squad trailer to date. Director David Ayer tweeted shortly after the footage was released during the MTV Movie Awards, that the rumors of ‘Suicide Squad’ reshoots in attempt to add more humor, is a “silly” notion.

Last week there were reports of Suicide Squad reshooting to add more “fun” as DC comics has been stigmatized in recent films for not having enough fun, like their Marvel movie counterparts.

While some may see this as the case, specifically in certain sequences of Batman V. Superman, I think anyone would logically agree after seeing the Suicide Squad trailer last night, this movie in no way, shape or form, seems to be lacking in the “fun” or humor department.

Jai Courtney seemed to be right last week when he stated the reshoots were to add more action scenes, as David Ayer ended and hash tagged his tweet with #moreaction.

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