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Batman V. Superman Extended Cut to Get Theater Release?

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After watching Batman V. Superman one of the main complaints was the choppy and confusing plot. For me personally, not being able to fully comprehend the movie is what made it not as good as I would of liked it to be.

One of the first reasons I assumed this movie was so confusing was because Zach Snyder designed it in a way that definitely does not hold your hand in understanding what exactly was going on. I assumed that maybe this was because there is going to be an extended and perhaps R rated directors cut, with more footage that was left out of theaters ( just like Synder’s ‘ Watchmen’ ).

As stated on ‘Heroic Insider’, Umberto Gonzalez spokeĀ on the rumor that “Warner Bros. is seriously considering giving the three hour cut of BVS a theatrical run before the July 16th home video release date across all platforms.”

Perhaps this would be a good thing for fans like me who wanted to understand and watch the movie develop more.

Also, would this mean the theater release would be R rated like the DVD?

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