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Suicide Squad Reshoots and Jai Courtney


There had been speculation recently that the film Suicide Squad was having reshoots due to recent criticism of DCEU films not having enough “fun” or humor.

After hearing this I was not happy due to the fact I believe David Ayer should be given a chance to show his movie without assumption it needs to be anything like the Marvel movies sense of “fun”.

However according to an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jai Courtney states the reshoots aren’t to make the movie funnier as he states there is plenty of that you can even see in the trailer.

Watch Below:

He explains that he thinks the movie has plenty of “funny” and the reshoots are more so to add more action sequences.

Jai Courtney also talks about his reluctance to play Captain Boomerang at first and how he was quite uncomfortable to begin, due to the comics of this character being a racist, stereotypical Aussie.

See ‘Suicide Squad‘ August 5th 2016.


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